London Marathon 2014

Today I’ll finally apply for a place in the Virgin London Marathon. I ran my first big race (the Great North Run) in 1996, and hated every step of it. I hated it so much I didn’t enter another race for ten years, and swore I’d never bother with another big race. My main gripe about GNR was that it was a long slow shuffle in a huge crowd and I couldn’t physically run for the first three miles because of the crowds. 

However this year I ran the Brighton Marathon and my predicted time meant the organisers gave me a place in the Elite start – no crowds, very civilised starting area, and running at race speed from the line. As a result I achieved a PB and a Good For Age qualification for London. My running mates who have run London, tell me the good for age runners get their own starting pen, and it is also very well managed, so I won’t get caught in the crush again.

Now if the VLM team will get round to activating the entry link on their site (the promised date is 24th June, but it’s still not there!), i’ll enter… 


  • Day 24: 1 mile treadmill then Yoga
  • Pyramid intervals on track- 400m 800m 1200m 800m 400m all at 5k pace

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