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Trip to Little Rock

I travel on business fairly regularly, but unlike trips to Europe, I find trips to the US give plenty of time for running. The 6 hr time difference means I’m wide awake by 5am, so a perfect excuse to get up and run for anĀ or more before breakfast. It’s also a great way to see the sights of whichever city I’m visiting, and a change of scene from hotels, conference rooms and bars.

On my last trip I made an effort to take a few photos as I ran.

100 days and counting


An accidental run streak

Last year my marathon training was interrupted by injuries. My calves were always very tight, and as I continued training my feet and heals in particular hurt. Eventually my physio diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis, and it resulted in a 5 week break from running and a DNS (did not start) for the Milton Keynes marathon.

So this year I restructured my training plan to include more strength and conditioning, stretching and foam roller sessions. However because I am so poorly disciplined with non running exercise, I decided to precede each workout with a 1-2 mile warm up run. The result is that today was my 100th consecutive day of running.

Has it worked? Well I am fit, and will be taking my place on the start line on Sunday for the Brighton Marathon, so yes! I have had no injuries yet this season, although the winter weather has been bad for my asthma, and I don’t feel as fast as last year. However I will at least be running the race, and I do feel I can get a new PB on Sunday.

      Streak stats

  • 100 days
  • 653 miles
  • 30.4 mile -longest