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Not a race

It felt like it should be a race day today. We had a typical pre-race meal last night (risotto), and set the alarm early. However today was my wife’s turn to race.  She and some friends from ‘Sarah’s Runners’ had entered the South Downs Marathon Relay. I’m still trying to get used to the fact that my wife is now a runner, and entering races. For years I was the only runner in the family, and all the running shoes in the hall cupboard were mine.

My job today is to stay at home and entertain the children while my wife runs. However I did manage to find an hour to run while the children were at activity clubs, so managed just under 8 miles on the road. Tomorrow I’ll have much more time, and should manage a good 2hrs off road.

Juneathon stats

  • Day 8: 7.7 miles
  • Total for June: 55.9 miles
  • Run streak: 25 days

100 days and counting


An accidental run streak

Last year my marathon training was interrupted by injuries. My calves were always very tight, and as I continued training my feet and heals in particular hurt. Eventually my physio diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis, and it resulted in a 5 week break from running and a DNS (did not start) for the Milton Keynes marathon.

So this year I restructured my training plan to include more strength and conditioning, stretching and foam roller sessions. However because I am so poorly disciplined with non running exercise, I decided to precede each workout with a 1-2 mile warm up run. The result is that today was my 100th consecutive day of running.

Has it worked? Well I am fit, and will be taking my place on the start line on Sunday for the Brighton Marathon, so yes! I have had no injuries yet this season, although the winter weather has been bad for my asthma, and I don’t feel as fast as last year. However I will at least be running the race, and I do feel I can get a new PB on Sunday.

      Streak stats

  • 100 days
  • 653 miles
  • 30.4 mile -longest